Moulin rouge & cancan

Classical French cancan at Jacques Offenbach music Orfeus in the Underworld. We dance it together with sexy chair dance choreography at passionate tango from the movie Moulin rouge.

1-4 dancers


Very sexy and glamorous choreography in burlesque style, connecting elements of traditional and modern cabaret. Includes chair dance, pole dance and dance with feather fans.

standardly 3 dancers

Show girls

A show with beautiful and glamorous costumes. Dance with feather fans and LED Isis wings.

1-3 dancers


Cheerful dance which not even a hundred years after doesn´t lose its shine and magic. Suitable for events in the 20´s and 30´s years or Great Gatsby style.

1-6 dancers

Funny charleston

In the shape of short funny tail... She is crazy in love with him, so he isn´t so into her. Then the other woman will come.. And he will lose his mind for her... What about the end?.. You will see in our short scene.

Lucie Kvapilová

Jednatel a umělecký vedoucí

Lucie Kvapilová

Jednatel a umělecký vedoucí
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