Komponované programy

Four seasons

The performance choreographed on the Vivaldi´s concert compositions spring, summer, autumn and winter. Choreography mixes together elements of classical ballet, contemporary dance and so on with effective props - butterfly wings, LED silk fans, Pixel pois and so on..

3 dancers


Dance performance with live violin music. Symphonic poem Vltava portrayed via dance. 

3 dancers + violinist

Acro&LED show

The connection of acrobatic and light show. We offer acrobacy on the LED aerial hoop completed by the dance with other LED props.

2-4 dancers + acrobat

Rock show

Show in the rock style connecting aerial acrobacy (aerial chains) dance and fire dance. Suitable for rock events, Halloween an so on...

2 and more dancers + 1 acrobat

Lucie Kvapilová

Jednatel a umělecký vedoucí

Lucie Kvapilová

Jednatel a umělecký vedoucí
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